This is Now

by David J Caron

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released November 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Expedition Recordings New York

You Explore. You reach out.
You look for new things in everything you do.


If you close your eyes when you listen to music,
if you have ever danced alone, or simply like to go deeper than the surface of your own knowledge, welcome home.
You have found a new place to explore.
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Track Name: This is Now (Original)
Between the wish and the thrill there is no dividing line
no sense in dressing to kill to die not reading the signs
we never foresee the chill until it runs down our spine
there aint no point standing still while you just run outta time

the more your fears you believe the more they twist in your mind
the more the years you achieve the more you miss left behind
so shoot your arrow, aim straight and narrow, target the heart is your goal
to catch the rabbit, you better grab it, before it jumps down the hole

there's only one life, we gotta live it. no second chance this is it, it's now we're in it
there's things'll take it, there's things'll give it, no time to lose all we got is now to win it
your courage is deep, the future's hollow, just trust in yourself to leap, your heart will follow
no way to rewind, no time to borrow, this is it, this is now, it will be gone tomorrow

the more the risk that we see the less we chance not to take.. to get caught
the door that leads to the key we guess must be a mistake .. but its not..
no way to know when the day suddenly turns into night
away they go when you say no words you thought that you might
cos all you don't do, will always haunt you, in a way you'll never console, so..
i’ve learned from this I'll, shoot my missile, even if it's out of control

no way to rewind, no time to borrow, this is it, this is now, it won’t be here tomorrow

we never foresee the chill until it runs down our spine
there ain't no point standin waitin till we run out of time
there's no excuses, no inhibitions, there are no limits, we are our ammunition
all circumstances disguised are hidden chances that die if they are wasted away..
what more can I say....... there's nothin' else left to say…

your courage is deep, your hollows willin, to trust in yourself to leap to steps you fill in

we have to do this tonight there could be no tomorrow
10. .no time to wait cos some night 9.. too late arrives tomorrow
8.. eight seconds left, fill that hollow
6..just when you think you should not, 5..that’s when your heart you follow way to rewind,3.. just make up your mind
2.this is it, this is now, won’t be here tomorrow..